Frequently asked questions

What are they made of?

Artifically made crystals can be made of many different materials. Some can be made with as simple ingredients as sugar and water. The artifical crystals in The Showroom are more often made of Cupric sulphate or for my nerds out there(CuSO4·5H2O). Organic crystals seen in The Showroom are all Herkimer Diamond or (SiO2).

Are they edible?

No! You may be temped as I am to want to eat one every once in a while. Please don't try it, you will end up hurting yourself. They may look like candy but trust me they are not. If edible, it will be very blatantly pointed out. These are for eyes! Not mouths!

Are they fragile?

Artifically grown crystals are very fragile. Since they did not have millions of years to develope naturally and instead were influenced by Troepic to grow faster, they do not have the stability that many natural crystals do. Most crystals grown by Troepic are partially composed of water! This mean they are water soluble and can be influenced by the sun to oxidate. They are best to be kept in a cool, dry place away from the sun for optimal entertanement efficiancy! The average hardness of a hand made crystal is around 2.5 - 5. Herkimer Diamonds on the other hand are quite strong! These HAVE had millions of years to be grown by the earth, uninterupted by human. Herkimer Diamond are a rare form of Quartz, on the Mohs scale of Hardness used in gemology Herkimer diamonds fall on 7.5 of 10. Normal Quartz falls at 7.


Through crystallization, I let creatures and things that may not be appreciated in their normal form be seen from a new perspective and possibly enjoyed by a wider range audience. I want people to see these things live again in ways they may not have imagined.